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Rob Graham, founder of Stand Up Paddling Adventures, is our head instructor and has been stand up paddling since the sport gained popularity in the early 2000s in Hawaii where Rob would spend his winters on Maui.  After paddling in outrigger canoes and surfing over the years he found SUP was just the right combination for him.  He enjoys surfing SUP, racing SUP, and touring our beautiful coastline for fun.

Rob enjoys this new sport so much that he is really dedicated to share his passion with others.  So be sure to join Rob on one of our fantastic adventures.

You are sure to benefit from his vast experience as a waterman.  You can also feel plenty safe because Rob is a certified lifeguard and fully trained in water safety, CPR and first aid.


Stand Up Paddling is fun!  This is the main reason that it is now the fastest growing water sport on the planet.  It is easy to learn and anyone can do it!   

One of the best parts of SUP is that you can appreciate the natural beauty around you every time you paddle.  This is one of the greatest gifts SUP can provide; it takes you away from all the concrete and crowds and right into some of mother nature’s most beautiful waters.

As a phenomenal workout, SUP requires a lot of balance and truly works every muscle in your body.  You get an exceptional core workout, but you are also working your arms, shoulders, legs and glutes.  SUP can be done in calm waters or you can really challenge yourself in the surf. 

Join Stand Up Paddling Adventures to see what you can will have a blast and be really proud of yourself for finding amazing abilities you never knew you had!!      

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Welcome to Stand Up Paddling Adventures where we are thrilled to be bringing the stoke of SUP to Santa Barbara.  We pride ourselves on giving the most comprehensive and fun SUP lessons in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Carpinteria and Ventura.  We provide private instruction, group lessons, tours, rentals, events and parties!

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